Prayer to Asklepios for the sick

Prayer to Asklepios for the sick
by Melissa

Light frankincense and raise a portion of bread.

O Asklepios, son of noble Apollo,
hear our prayer, father of surgeons.
Released from a mortal womb by your noble father and
imbued with the great healing knowledge of Kheiron,
your skill in medicine across broad Earth and in the heavens
is without equal, Glowing one.
Ophiokhos, Serpent-Holder, healer of the gods,
Grace us with your gifts and send dreams
that restore and guide us and reveal the
mysteries of life and well-being.
With your kind-hearted daughter Hygieia,
heal those who are sick among us,
our children, parents, spouses and partners
and all those whom we hold dear
[and especially the mortal known as __________].
Grant them a quick and uneventful recovery.
Soothe their bodies and calm their spirits
that they may enjoy a long and full life
and return to honoring the gods.
And we shall honor you with
bloodless offerings and sing
your praises at all our feasts.

Original prayer by Melissa Gold, inspired by Chris Aldridge

Commit bread to the fire or offering bowl.

If we are praying for a specific individual or individuals, we add the part between the square brackets. Otherwise, we leave it out.