Ritual of Thanksgiving to Hermes

Ritual of Thanksgiving to Hermes
(by Timotheos)

(This is a ritual devised for giving thanks to Hermes for his assistance in making a purchase.)


A bowl of water and a hand cloth should be placed away from the altar for the participants to purify themselves. A bowl of khernips is already sitting next to the Icon of Apollo.

The participants process to the altar after washing their hands thoroughly, carrying the offerings. When the altar is reached, the sacred candle of Hestia is lit, while reciting the following hymn:

Hestia, you who tend the sacred dwelling
Of the far-shooting Lord, Apollon, at holy Pytho,
From your tresses flowing oil ever drips down.
Come to this house! Come in gentle spirit
With resourceful Zeus and grant grace to my song!
(Homeric Hymn #24)

The priest dips the sacred knife into the khernips and sprinkles it around the altar while reciting:
Ekas, Ekas! este bebeloi!
Oh Great Lord Apollon the Purifier! Let your waters cleanse
And consecrate this sacred space, making it pure and free
Of all the profane!

Statement of Purpose:
I come now before the God Hermes
To sing praises to Him and to be merry
To be thankful for the gifts He has brought me
And to honor Him with joy, prayers and libations!

I sing of Hermes, the Kyllenian Argeiphontes,
Who is lord of Kyllene and of Arcadia abounding with Sheep.
This helpful messenger of the Gods was born of the amorous union
Of the bashful daughter of Atlas with Zeus.
She shunned the company of the blessed Gods,
And dwelt in a deep-shaded cave, where Kronion
Lay with the fair-tressed nymph in the dead of night,
While sweet sleep overcame white-armed Hera;
Thus He escaped the eyes of both Gods and mortal men.
So hail, son of Zeus and Maia!
Hail, Hermes, aguide and giver of things graceful and good!
(Homeric Hymn #29)

Gracious Hermes, you who walk the streets with merchants and thieves alike.
The protector of thresholds and doorways;
Guide of the souls of the dead to the great Otherworld;
I give thee praise and thanks for your help to me
In the purchase of ____________________.
I herby bless and dedicate this item I bought to You!
Let its use be shared by us both,
As You partake of its splendor through my use
Great and lovely Hermes,
I give thee thanks and honor!
o makar genoito! Let it be thus!

Priest unsheathes the sacred knife and points to the offerings.
Immortal One,
I bring you gifts!
See these things!
And Partake of them through my use of them!
Participants eat of the food. Or if other offerings, it is placed close to or on the sacred Icon of the Gods, Goddesses, and alike.

Priest fills the libation cup with the libation water. Drinks half and then pours the rest into the main offering bowl. He/she does this six times, speaking the following things in order for each one.
With you, Lady Hestia, I share the first!
With you, Immortal ones of Olympos, I share the second!
With you, Lord Apollon and Lord Hermes, My patrons, I share the third!
With you, Immortal ones of Gaia, I share the fourth!
With you, Loving Ancestors and those who have departed, I share the fifth!
With you, Lady Hestia, first and last, I share the last!

Holy Immortals, My Rite has ended. If it be your will, I shall come again
To your altars, bearing offerings, and singing hymns of praise and
Khairete! I rejoice!