Libation to Apollon

Second Saturday in May

On the second Saturday of each month members of Hellenion pour a libation to one of the Olympians on the same day, from wherever they may be, with whomever may join them, around the world. In this way, whatever else we do to celebrate Hellenic occasions, we are united in doing the same action on the same day. In May, we honor Apollon.

Apollo is considered to be “the most Greek of gods” (Burkert, Greek Religion 143).

The model for physical perfection for youths, Apollo is also known as the ideal in Greek virtue, purity and nobility. The son of Zeus and Leto, with his twin sister Artemis, Apollo had major temples on the island of Delos and at Delphoi, both major religious centers. He is associated with the rearing of young men, the coming of age of epheboi, beauty, athleticism, annual gatherings of tribes or phratries, both plagues and healing, dance, music (especially singing and the playing of the lyre), reason, retribution and, of course, divination and oracle, especially at Delphi.

Though often considered to be “away”, traveling in some distant land, he knows what is transpiring; his ominous arrows shot from afar find their target. He is the god of expiation after murder, even being subject to it himself. From the fifth century BCE, Apollo was known as the sun god (Burkert, Greek Religion 143-149).

On this day, pour a libation to Apollo with incense. Read the Homeric Hymns to Apollo especially, also 21 and 25, and the Orphic Hymn to Apollo (34). Listen to Greek music or play an instrument to Him, study the Delphic maxims. Practice moderation and know yourself, know that you are merely human, but can be aware of and aspire to virtue and refinement.

Libation Information

Common Offerings
Incense (frankincense)
Laurel leaves

Modern Hymns & Poetry

Devotional activities for Apollon

Sacred animals, plants, and symbols of Apollon

Watch the video of the 2017 libation by Apple Blossom Proto-Demos.

Further Reading & Sources
Burkert, Walter, Greek Religion, English version 1985