Achilles’ Prayer to Zeus

“Pelasgian Lord Zeus, who live far off, ruler of wintry Dodona, surrounded there by your Elloi, priests and interpreters with unwashed feet, who sleep on the ground, you who have heard me before when I prayed, who have honoured me by striking hard at the Greek army, fulfil my prayer now. I will stay here by the beached ships, but I am sending my friend with a host of Myrmidons to war. Grant him glory, far-echoing Zeus, and fill his heart with courage, so that Hector may know my companion’s skill in war, that his invincibility does not depend on my presence in the field. And when he has rid the ships of the foe and their battle-cries, let him return to the ships resplendent in my armour, he and his men unscathed by the close combat.”


From Homer, The Iliad, Book XVI: 210-256. Translation by A. S. Kline.