2018 Khalkeia: Closing Hymns

The sun is setting on the Pacific coast of Turtle Island, and our Khalkeia celebration is coming to an end. Join the recessional from the temple with a brief prayer in the comments.


Homeric Hymn 20 to Hephaistos
tr. Apostolos Athanassakis

Sing, O clear-voiced Muse, of Hephaistos renowned for skill,
who along with gray-eyed Athena taught fine crafts
to men of this earth; indeed before that time
they used to live in mountain caves like wild beasts,.
Thanks to Hephaistos, the famous craftsman,
they learned crafts and easily for the full year
they lead a carefree existence in their own homes.
Have mercy on me, Hephaistos; grant me virtue and happiness.

Homeric Hymn 25 to the Muses and Apollon
tr. Apostolos Athanassakis

Let me begin with the Muses and Apollon and Zeus,
because it is through the Muses and far-shooting Apollon
that singers and lyre-players exist upon the earth;
kings are from Zeus. Blessed is the man whom the Muses
love, for sweet speech flows from his mouth.
Hail to Zeus! Do honor my song!
And I shall remember you and another song, too.

Homeric Hymn 28 to Athena
tr. Apostolos Athanassakis

I begin to sing of Pallas Athena, the glorious goddess,
gray-eyed, resourceful, of implacable heart.
This bashful maiden is a mighty defender of cities,
the Tritogeneia, whom Zeus the counselor himself
bore from his noble head, clad with golden and resplendent\
warlike armor, as awe lay hold of all the immortal
onlookers. And before Zeus the aegis-holder
she sprang swiftly from his immortal head,
brandishing a sharp-pointed spear. Great Olympos quaked
dreadfully under the might of the gray-eyed goddess, as the earth
all about resounded awesomely, and the sea moved
and heaved with purple waves. The briny swell calmed down
when the splendid son of Hyperion stopped
his fleet-footed horses long enough for maidenly
Pallas Athena to take the divine weapons
off her shoulders. And Zeus the counselor exulted.
And so hail to you, O child of aegis-holding Zeus!
I shall remember you and another song, too.

Homeric Hymn 24 to Hestia
tr. Apostolos Athanassakis

Hestia, you tend the sacred dwelling
of the far-shooting lord, Apollon, at holy Pytho,
as from your tresses flowing oil ever drips down.
Come to this house! Come in gentle spirit
with resourceful Zeus and give grace to my song!