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New proto-demos in TN!

Announcing the newest Proto-Demos of Hellenion: Dodona Mouseion Hyperboreoi.  This Proto-Demos has been founded in middle-Tennessee as a Hellenic-based religious organization dedicated to the worship of certain Hellenic deities and the advancement of Hellenism.  It is currently led by its founder, Hekataios Pindaros Amerikos, M.Div.

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  1. Hi – I and my colleague Dennis McDougal are in the midst of developing a documentary about psychoactive plants and the beginning of human consciousness and religion. We are very interested in the important role of rituals of the Eleusian Mysteries that took place at Eleusis, Greece for some 2,000 years, and modern day practices that could relate to them. Dennis is a well known author, and I am an anthropologist and documentary producer for TV (Faces of Culture, The Three Worlds of Bali). We are looking for an authority/practitioner who would be willing to speak with us informally at first and eventually go on camera. We live in nearby Memphis TN. Would it be possible for us to talk with you on the phone sometime soon to explore this? My phone number is: 951-288-1365, and my email is below. Thanks in advance for your attention!

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