Chalceia / Khalkeia online festival

Friday, October 20th

Online festival in honor of Hephaistos and Athena (as also falls on last day of the Pyanepsion) that celebrates the deities inspiration and craftspersons’ work.

The Chalceia/“Khalkeia was primarily associated with artisans—especially bronze smiths—by the Classical Period. Few deities were linked as closely as Athena and Hephaistos were at Athens; not only was Hephaistos and Athena the de facto parents of Erikhthonios, the pseudo-mythical first king of Athens, but also in Athens, Athena was also addressed under the title of Hephaisteia. Apparently this festival involved a procession of workers with baskets of grain for offerings as well as meat sacrifices. Likely the workshops were closed on this day, an early version of Labor Day (Parke, p 92-93). Also, at this time the loom was setup for the weaving of the peplos which was to be offered to Athena at the Panathenaia, 9 months later in Hekatombaion (Parke, p 38).” (from our Hellenion temenos listing)

Participation can include posts linking to one’s own work or work one appreciates that is relevant, either ancient, current, or in between.

There will also be several posts that day in honor of the relevant deities and their influence. Respectful comments are appreciated.

While this even is open to the public via facebook, please be mindful that Hellenion is a reconstructive polytheistic organization and that comments will be monitored.

Start wil be be from sunrise in Cyprus (given flow of peoples during ancient heroic/dark ages) which is just before midnight. Close will be 10:31 PM EST, corresponding to Anchorage sunset (attempting to accommodate breath of our members in a single day event.) Event will start with a procession post where all attendees that day who would like to may check in as they arrive to our online festival on Hellenion’s facebook page that day.