Charlottesville Statement

Charlottesville Statement (issued by the Prutaneis of Hellenion)

Hellenion, a non-profit organization for Hellenic Polytheists, has always had a policy of equality and inclusiveness since our creation in 2000. However, in light of the public display of hate & racism seen recently in Charlottesville, we feel compelled to highlight our stance as clearly as possible.

As stated in our mission, Hellenion values equality and inclusiveness; and it is our duty, as practitioners of Hellenismos, to follow the spirit of the Delphic Maxims and honor our commitment to Dike (justice) and Arete (moral virtue). Therefore, in light of the hate, racism, anti-semitism and violence expressed in Charlottesville, we feel the moral imperative to highlight our stance in no uncertain terms: We respect people of all of genders, ethnicities, colors, creeds, social status, sexual orientations, gender identities, and dis/abilities. We stand against organizations that support racism, misogyny, antisemitism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, and discrimination of any kind; and wholeheartedly denounce the message and methods of all hate groups including, but not limited to, the KKK, fascist right, and neo-confederacy groups. May everyone who have been targeted by these hate groups feel the warmth of acceptance within our global community.